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Over 50’s Dating Success Stories

Our Matchmaking Success Stories

Avenues Dating is one of the most famous names in dating in the UK, having been established for over 15 years, since the mid 1990’s. We specialise in those more mature individuals with an experience of life, who often know what they are looking for but have limited opportunities to find a partner as time marches on, even though it is often a real goal and aspiration for them.

Just to prove that we can help achieve that ambition for them, here we look at some of our over 50’s dating success stories – we hope they inspire you enough to get in touch on freephone 0800 644 4170 or to email us at [email protected]  

Don & Stella from Manchester

Don joined us in March of 2011, he is a successful businessman and publican in a Manchester suburb and understandably was worried about his need for confidentiality and discretion. We managed to convince him that we work that way as a matter of course and began to search our extensive database for suitable matches for him that would fit into a busy and fairly public lifestyle. Don’s 4th introduction was Stella, who lives in nearby Droylsden, an outgoing lady from a nursing background who is extremely attractive and in her 60’s. They hit it off immediately on a weekend date and Don rang us on the Monday as he was excited that Stella was perfect for him and a few days later Stella said she felt the same way too. They are still going strong after a year together and foresee themselves as being together forever now, which is very gratifying for us and another strong success story.

Lynne & Peter from Glasgow

Lynn is 63 and resides in Pollokshields. She has a large family that have kept her busy, particularly her 5 grandchildren and she played an active role with both daughters Katy and Rebecca in bringing them up. But she lost her husband Andy, to cancer in 2006 and since that point she had always felt there was something missing in her life. She joined Avenues in December 2012 and was happy to let our Matchmaker Polly, begin the search for her special partner. Peter, a retired Civil Servant aged 66, had been with us a few months at the time. He lives in nearby Milngavie and after his divorce in 2009 felt ready to find love again. We introduced Peter as Lynn’s very first date (it was Peter’s 5th) and after 3 weeks she rang to say ‘look no further, this is the one’. Whilst we don’t usually get it absolutely right first time it can happen and Lynne and Peter are now inseparable, which is a real joy to see.

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Ben & Lesley from Surrey

Ben is 71 and is a high profile figure in his local area of Caterham as a businessman and Councillor, so discretion and an assurance that his personal details would not be publicly available were very important to him. He hoped to meet someone trustworthy and faithful, after his divorce in 2005. Lesley, who resides in Dorking, is still a fabulously attractive lady in her early 60’s, with a really trim figure and blonde hair, but she told us that she would be choosy and we accepted that she was perfectly entitled to be. We introduced Lesley to 9 men prior to Ben and although she wasn’t 100% sure at first, love has grown and the two of them are now an item. Said Lesley, “Ben was a little quiet for me at first but I quickly realised that he had been through a bad situation with his previous partner and I did feel attracted to him from the start. We had a holiday together to Sri Lanka that I found very romantic and since we came home, I have wanted him as part of my life on a permanent basis. His life is still busy and quite public but I now know that I am his highest priority and that makes me very happy. We are both delighted with the service Avenues has provided and would thoroughly recommend them”. Ben and Lesley became engaged at Christmas 2013 and even Ben is happy for their romance to be public now.

Veronica & Tom from Cornwall

Veronica is in her early fifties and had been alone for many years, living in a well known Cornish fishing village. She is an artist and has a small gallery for selling her work and lives in an apartment above. She has two grown up son’s but her husband walked out on her in 1998 and as she had not been in a serious relationship since that point, she felt that her life was now passing so quickly. Tom is a self employed boat builder and is also based in Cornwall. He is 59 and feels that he would like to retire in the not too distant future. He had lost his wife Patricia in 2007 and felt it was time to move on once more and to build a new life with someone to enjoy his retirement. For Veronica, Tom was her 4th introduction and for Tom it was his second. Says Tom “I felt comfortable with Veronica straight away and that was important for me. We are both business people and consequently know all about life’s peaks and troughs. We have been together now for 18 months and are planning to get married in 2014, which delights us both. I’d recommend Avenues to all of you over 50’s out there”.

Edward & Patricia from Surrey

Edward and Patricia’s story is a triumph for persistence, as we didn’t hear back from Edward straight away when their details were exchanged to each of them by Alex our Matchmaker and Patricia was disappointed and was ready to move on. Fate intervened though when Linda John, our Matchmaking Manager felt it was too good a match to give up on easily. She chased Edward, he agreed to a date with Patricia and the rest is history, they were married in March 2016, less than 1 year after they joined Avenues, which is a complete turnaround in both lives and to say that they are blissfully happy is an understatement. Which delights us – we are always so pleased with our successes for over 50’s and to contradict those statistics that say, if you are divorced or widowed when you’re over 50 then you’re 95% certain to stay single for the rest of your life. Not if we have anything to do with it!!