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Supporting Mature Dating In A Global Pandemic

At Avenues we feel our matchmaking has never been more relevant or needed than it is now. There are so many people on their own who recognise that their life could be more complete with someone special beside them. They are at a stage of maturity in their lives, where they know themselves well and understand what they need in a partner. We are continuing to provide our full service during this time of social distancing and have introduced video dates as an extra service, if you prefer to meet someone new this  way, at least at first, from the safety of your own home. Here Paula Gotch, our Operations Director, talks through this added service and  how meeting over video has been experienced by our members -  

Over 50's Dating With An Emphasis On Safety In A Covid-19 World

In a world where social distancing has become part of our way of life, Avenues is still able to bring people together. We are a successful, traditional dating and matchmaking agency, offering a personal dating service for those who are over 50  and including those who may be enjoying an active and fulfilling retirement.  

The way we work is a world away from the typical online or dating app experiences. Ours is a high quality, personal and private matchmaking service for genuine singles, that hand-picks carefully vetted recommendations of others for clients, on a one at a time basis. Our members are based across the UK and looking to find that special someone to love and trust, whilst protected from the dangers and disappointments of online dating. 

With your approval, introductions will be arranged by your matchmaker, as a phone call or via a secure video link for you to meet over video, so you can get to know each other well until you meet in person.

Become A Respondent Member Free

Occasionally we go outside our Preferred Member Database, to headhunt for a client who is looking for a specific type of partner and we may look at Respondent Members for this purpose. If you would like to join as a Respondent Member for FREE then click here and we would consider you for this type of membership. You would need to complete a short profile and upload your photographs - which we promise would never be used on any sort of public website and will always remain confidential. But please remember we would never be actively matching you, in the same way as a paying member.

Why Choose Avenues?

Here’s why you should choose our specialist service that is provided specifically for mature daters over fifty:

Avenues Senior Dating Services

If you’re ready to start a new chapter of your life safely, confidentially and in a cost effective way, Avenues is for you! Online dating and dating apps, with a highly public profile online that may be accessed by millions, is understandably worrying for many people, particularly in light of many, recent horror stories in the press about meeting people online. For many of us that value our privacy and safety, dating online is now not something we should contemplate.

Happily, Avenues offers a very credible alternative. As one of the most respected names in dating since the 1990’s, we devote ourselves exclusively to the over 50’s age group. Our friendly and experienced Personal Matchmakers are ready to guide you on your journey towards finding a real, loving, caring and truly authentic relationship. We can introduce you to other members and we can help with setting up a simple, secure video link through which to get to know each other well from the safety of your own home initially, until you feel safe to meet up.

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Get in touch now on: 0800 644 4170 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How to Join Avenues Mature Dating Agency

Joining Avenues offers you a relaxed and straightforward way to meet someone special. For our full members, there's no profile to complete or photos to upload and no lengthy online process to go through – we will do all that for you, either by phone or face to face, whichever works best for you.

One phone call or the completion of our contact form, will get you talking quickly to a member of our team, who will explain clearly how Avenues works, what to expect and how we can be successful in finding the right partner for you, as we have done on thousands of others down the years. As always, there's no obligation or pressure whatsoever if you want to find out more.

So call us now on 0800 644 4170 or complete our Contact Form and we’ll do all the rest – we look forward to hearing from you.

Dating Safely And Free From Risks Of Dating Online

Taking that first step is never easy but Avenues offers a private, thoughtful and much safer way to meet new, genuine and interesting people. Client details are held securely off line, so your personal details are only ever available to our experienced Personal Matchmakers and are never seen by the general public. We know this level of discretion and privacy can be very reassuring when you are looking for a new partner. Your close relationship with your Personal Matchmaker will ensure you’re free to enjoy meeting new people, initially, through a high quality video link if that works for you, or over the telephone, and safe in the knowledge that your Matchmaker genuinely cares about your safety and long-term happiness. This is in stark contrast to the service offered by online dating agencies and apps.

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Want To Talk To A Matchmaker?

Get in touch now on: 0800 644 4170 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How Over 50's Dating Works

How Our Over 50’s Dating Service Works

At Avenues our approach to dating is careful and meticulous which suits most of our client base. Many who have often built up assets over a lifetime and would be silly to put them at risk through dating and going into relationships with the wrong people.

Our Personal Matchmakers know our clients really well. We start with a relaxed but in depth interview, to get to know the real you and find out what matters for you in the person you are hoping to meet. We check people really thoroughly too through a detailed authentication and verification system available through our partners at Lexis Nexis. We'll make sure that all of the potential partners we recommend to you are who they say they are, as well as looking into their background and ensuring they meet our quality standards.

It's Easy To Join Our Mature Dating Service

Our service starts  from your first contact with us. One of our friendly Membership Advisers will talk through your wants, needs and aspirations for the future, completely without obligation. We’ll tell you all about the service we provide and set honest expectations. You’ll also have a opportunity to visit our offices and meet the team, if you’d like to get to know us in person before making a decision. Our highly experienced Personal Matchmakers are always happy to chat with potential clients about how we can help.

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Free Matchmaking For Over 50's

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On occasions we are asked by members to look for a specific type of person, which requires us to look outside of our outside our own exclusive database. Sometimes we utilise Respondent Members, who are often attractive, eligible, very match-able people, who have joined our database for free, but have still been fully ID verified and interviewed. We do not search actively for partners for this type of member, but may suggest their profile if they might be a good match for you. If you are able to create your own profile and upload your photographs, you can join as a Respondent Member for free today. Simply click on the link on the Memberships page - but please note, there is no online or telephone support for this level of membership. 

Want To Talk To A Matchmaker?

Get in touch now on: 0800 644 4170 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Vetting Process – Becoming A Member

Our members are all personally interviewed by a member of our team, either face to face or by phone or video link. Members are required to be completely unattached and no longer living at the same address as a previous partner. Avenues members are all aged 50 and above. We ask that you answer all questions as honestly as possible during the interview process to ensure we are able to offer you the best possible service throughout your Avenues membership.

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Parliamentary Review

Parliamentary Review

We are are very pleased to announce that for 2019, our parent company Dating Options Ltd have been asked by the joint Chairmen of the 2019 Parliamentary Review, Lord Eric Pickles and Lord David Blunkett, to be the Best Practice Representative of the Dating Industry. We feel very honoured to receive this type of endorsement and recognition to enable you to join us with absolute confidence.

Proud Members Of Dating Agency Association

We Are A Proud Member Of The Dating Agency Association

As a member of the Dating Agency Association, Avenues dating adheres to a strict Code of Practice. Our ID verification systems are among the most vigorous in the country and as members of the DAA, we also enjoy the benefits of inter-agency agreements, giving us access to many  eligible singles across the UK and Europe.