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How Over 50’s Dating Works

Learn about how we operate and how over 50’s dating works with Avenues.

The Avenues Difference

Avenues was launched in the 1990’s, way before internet dating appeared in the UK and is therefore a world away from meeting strangers on the internet. It is a highly personal and very human service that centres around you working with an experienced and professional Personal matchmaker, who will get to know you really thoroughly and perhaps more importantly the type of partner you would really like to meet. It is also completely confidential and private, with you being supported throughout your membership by our Personal Matchmaking team and treated as a highly valued individual client rather than just a profile name or number.

The Opposite To Online Dating

Most of our clients come to us and say that they have tried online dating and because of bad experiences or safety fears they realise that it is not for them. Fake profiles, fraudsters, violence, blackmail, extortion – we have heard it all and our service is set up to be totally the other end of the scale from internet dating. At Avenues we get to know you very well through one of the most comprehensive dating questionnaires in the industry, typically our interview with you will last 2-2.5 hours to enable us to then capture the real you in the professional dating profile we will build for you and then begin an extensive search of our data base to connect you with people that we feel will fit really well in terms of the sort of person you are looking for.

Your profile and photographs are always totally private between you and your Personal Matchmaker, they will never be seen on any public website and only shared with carefully vetted members with whom we think you may have a connection and on some membership levels – only when you have said yes to them first.

An Executive Membership Database

All of our members will have been personally interviewed either face to face or by Skype/telephone and very carefully vetted to ensure that they meet our strict membership criteria. We set the bar quite high to ensure that Avenues has the quality of an exclusive members club and that we know every single member personally, so that we can recommend you to others of similar backgrounds to your own. Almost all of our members are comfortably off and you will see that careful thought and planning has gone into every match by you Matchmaker, which is why we have enjoyed so much success over the years to become one of the UK’s oldest and most trusted dating brands.

Dating Safely & Confidentially

We check everyone out very carefully, their ID (we always insist on photographic evidence), their residency and who they live with, their involvement in fraud or any type of money crime globally and their solvency to avoid putting our members at any type of risk. So you can be confident that we know the person well and are able to recommend them to you wholeheartedly in every instance. Safer dating is a cause that all members of the Dating Agency Association get behind and it is always at the very forefront of the minds of our Matchmaking Team, so that you can date with confidence knowing that our database is one of the most carefully checked in the whole of the industry.

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Our Success Rate

We are often asked about our success rate and whether using a Personal Matchmaker actually brings more success than other methods of meeting some one. We are happy to say in many instances it is, although of course we can’t absolutely guarantee success as it’s a personal thing – we can’t manufacture chemistry between two people.

However because of our careful and meticulous approach to dating and the fact that we are finding excellent quality recommendations for you our success rate is very high indeed, with more than 92% of clients being successfully introduced to a partner during the lifespan of their membership and many of them going on to make that partnership permanent in the future – something of which our Personal Matchmaking team are very proud.

Our Fees Are Competitive 

Because of the quality and highly personal nature of our service it does cost more than online dating in many instances, although if you choose a high end online service and pay monthly over a year, then the Avenues service can actually be cheaper, even though you’re getting the services of your own Matchmaker, our in-depth interview and access to a data base of vetted and very high quality members.

Against competitors within Personal Matchmaking companies we are highly competitive and offer incredible value against most other UK based companies within our own sector of the industry and in a recent survey our membership options were all considerably better value than the UK average and just a fraction of the cost of many London based companies, which is great news and might be a little surprising to many.

Taking The Next Step

With Avenues taking the next step is very easy as we are very accessible and are open from 9am until 9pm most days, even at the weekend, or on bank holidays. You can ring us on 0800 644 4170 or fill in our contact form on this site and one of our friendly Membership Advisers will get back to you as soon as they’re next free, to talk you through our service, without obligation or any kind of pressure and answer honestly any sort of questions you may have. It could actually be the start of changing your life for the better, so please make that call or complete our enquiry form whilst it’s at the forefront of your mind – right now!

Want to talk to a matchmaker? Get in touch now on: 0800 644 4170 or [email protected]

Every member interviewed and vetted

In these days of uncertainty and worry about the safety of online dating, it might well be refreshing to find a credible alternative with a strong human element to it. Through Avenues you are assured that everyone you meet will first have been vetted and interviewed, so you can be sure they really are who they say they are.

Our initial meeting with you

We get to know you initially either in person at one of our offices or by having a telephone or Skype interview, although a home interview can be arranged if preferred and is included on a complimentary basis for our Diamond level members. We will then ask you to provide us with photographic proof of ID and 2 current photographs. The next step is then creating your professional and very comprehensive profile, which we will ask you to approve this before the matching process can begin. When a potential match has been found we will send you the details in a confidential email or if preferred by post.

Want to talk to a matchmaker? Get in touch now on: 0800 644 4170 or [email protected]
How Over 50's Dating Works

A Recommended Dating Agency Nationally

We operate within the industry’s highest standards and are members of the Dating Agency Association – who have a robust and exacting code of conduct and we abide fully with the Data Protection Act. Your personal information is never given out without your explicit agreement and we would never pass on information to other companies outside of our own Group. Check out the Dating Agency Association at www.datingagencyassociation.org.uk