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Thank you Avenues Dating

I wanted to write a few words about my experiences on the `love scene`, and how Avenues Dating came to my rescue, but felt that my dating experiences would probably mirror a lot of ladies and so I decided just to touch on my recent encounter.

I had a great social life, great friends and adorable family; and life was pretty good. However, I missed the intimate dinners, and being treated to the odd night out, cinema, theatre or even night in. As most single mums will tell you, that we are all very used to and capable of organising our lives and that of our children, that’s what we do. So to have someone who actually considers you and includes you in their plans seems a nice option.  Although don’t get me wrong I was not looking to be treated like a princess, I am very realistic and pretty independent, so I don’t NEED someone to take charge of my life for me.

My first serious relationship after divorce ended awhile ago; I had not been looking for a relationship and had enjoyed several years recapturing my personality and nurturing the damage of my marriage to a narcissist man. And along came this new man who swept me off my feet, charming, attentive and nicely presented, a true gent. totally adored me; put me up there on that pedestal, and then……….whoops I did again, I fell for an emotionally controlling man, and the down times were pretty unpleasant.……….BUT – I recognised the signs, phew!! And the relationship ended.

Here I was again, single but in a really good place, happy in my life, repaired my confidence, again, with the help and guidance of my great supportive friends. But what to do about meeting an eligible man, apart from my friends coming everywhere with me to vet and interrogate and save me from making the same mistakes, I felt  I needed some professional help, to save me from my own pitfalls.

I decided to contact Avenues Dating after a recommendation, I was not going to expose my profile on  the world wide web, no way, and as a lot of ladies now, I wanted the security of meeting genuine, single, eligible men who had been ID checked and vetted. I needed professional, confidential help. That is exactly what my Matchmaker did, she guided me through the whole process, creating my profile she then went to work, searching for my preferences, she was my filter, exactly what I needed to avoid anymore `mistakes`. I cannot express my gratitude enough to her, I have met some wonderful gentlemen, like-minded and lovely, some I gelled with and some I would love to continue a friendship with. After a few exchanges, as it’s called in the Introductory world, I can honestly say that I have met a lovely, kind and genuine man, we laugh together and enjoy each other’s company, and we are learning more and more about each other as we share special times and experiences. There is no hidden agenda and we are really natural together, and perhaps he is my soul mate.

So, just in a few words; THANK YOU to Avenues Dating and THANK YOU to my lovely Matchmaker, who made all of this possible, I would definitely not have met this special man on my own.

Louise, Gloucestershire.

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