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Despite its growing popularity and level of awareness amid westerners, senior dating still remains under the radar for a large portion of the population, to the point where older singles themselves are often unaware that there exist ways for them, too, to find love and companionship.

This situation has been changing over the past few years, however, and senior dating has slowly but surely begun to made its way into public consciousness. Newspaper articles and opinion pieces have introduced society at large to this niche form of dating, and this awareness is beginning to spread to other media as well.

Proof of this is ‘The Age of Love’, a documentary film which focuses precisely on the subject of dating for the older demographics. First released in 2014 on the independent circuit, the picture is sure to make at least a few moviegoers aware of the benefits of senior dating for those involved, an aspect which is often not given enough importance when discussing relationships among the elderly.

Set in New York City, the film follows a group of thirty 70-to-90-year-olds who sign up for a senior dating service in hopes of finding a romantic partner for their twilight years. The camera captures their exploits as they dive head-first back into the dating scene, and deal with all the challenges and emotions that leap brings about for someone their age.

‘The Age of Love’ is a personal project for director Steve Loring, whose father passed away just before filming, leaving his mother to attempt to seek companionship in her old age. This situation was part of the inspiration for the film, which is no doubt a refreshing and honest take on an increasingly prevalent reality. As Avenues Dating’s client base and business volumes clearly prove, senior dating is growing as a trend, and this growth is expected to continue over the next few years. It is, therefore, important that people feel comfortable talking about it, and films like this certainly help that cause