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Senior dating is confirmed to be growing as a trend across the western world, according to a piece published in business news outlet, the International Business Times.

The news item in question focuses on the different ways mature singles have been using new technologies to find love and long-term relationships across the western world, particularly in countries such as the UK and the US. According to the article, many over 50s have been making use of the new wealth of resources at their disposal in an attempt to find love within their area, shattering the myth that older men and women do not need love in the process. Of course, here at Avenues Dating, we already knew that assumption to be a fallacy – our volume of clients shows us that there is definitely a market for senior dating – but it is good to see the rest of society catching on as well!

That was not the only interesting aspect brought up by the article, either. According to the writer of the piece, senior dating is actively being encouraged in certain nursing homes, as a way to prove that yes, older people do need love as well. Companionship is known to have a number of positive effects, particularly from a mental standpoint, which are absolutely vital for senior citizens; likewise, denying men and women romantic interaction can lead to feelings of anger and alienation, and even lead to aggression, according to specialists quoted in the article. Further studies suggested it is possible for seniors’ love live to improve over the years, and that people with active romantic lives in their old age tend to live longer.

This is why it is important to allow seniors to engage in senior dating and romantic relationships, regardless of common perceptions prevalent in western society. At Avenues Dating, we have been telling people this for years, and it is definitely good to see the rest of western society finally beginning to share our view!