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Meet Victoria

Your friend in the dating business

Your friend in the dating business

Dating can be daunting and sometimes even a bit of a jungle if you’re new to it. However when joining Avenues there is a major benefit and that is having your friend in the dating business around to help and guide you – Victoria Davies, our Senior Membership Adviser.

Recently a potential new member rang the office, Sandie from South Wales, who insisted on speaking to our Managing Director, because in her own words “Speaking to Victoria was the best piece of customer care and service that I have ever experienced.”

That is quite an accolade for Victoria and one of which we are all very proud of at Avenues Dating. Sandie continues: “I don’t know at this time if I will be able to join as money is very tight, but that didn’t make any difference to Victoria, who freely gave an hour and a quarter of her time to talk me through the world of dating and what to look out for”

She continues: “Victoria talked me through the comprehensive nature of the Avenues service, that all clients are vetted and thoroughly checked before becoming a member and that it is completely confidential, with no online photo or profile. I also loved the fact that I work closely with a Personal Matchmaker throughout my membership, someone who knows dating inside out and can be a sounding board or fountain of knowledge or advice as and when needed.”

Sandie concludes by saying: “I enjoyed my chat with Victoria who was prepared to listen patiently and answer all of my questions and concerns, even though she knew that I may not be able to join because of my financial circumstances. I would thoroughly recommend you talking to Victoria too – she is a truly lovely lady.”

If you would like a no obligation chat with Victoria, our resident expert on the dating business world, we are open 9am to 9pm every day and we could put you through or arrange a callback. Ring us on 0800 644 4170 or click here to complete our contact form. The initial advice is always free and without obligation.

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