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In recent years, senior dating and over 50s dating has become a rising phenomenon across the United Kingdom. With more and more seniors experiencing heartbreak and loneliness, these services helped fill a demand in the dating market, carving a niche for themselves in the process.

Yet as popular as this type of service has become lately, its distribution and success ratio across the British Isles is still not entirely even. Certain areas of Britain yield better results when it comes to senior dating and over 50s dating than others, mostly due to demographic factors which influence the likelihood of single seniors finding a companion or romantic partner.

In that regard, it is interesting to note that Manchester, Avenues Dating’s main area of operation, is considered to be the best region for single women over 40 looking for a male partner in the same age range. This is because Greater Manchester has the highest concentration of single men over 40 among the top 25 regions for senior dating and over 50s dating in the UK.

At the other end of the spectrum, offering the best chance for single men over 40 looking for a female companion, is Glasgow, Scotland, where there are almost twenty thousand more single women over 40 than there are men! Other regions in the UK where the likelihood of mature singles finding love is high include Dorset, East and West Sussex, Cheshire and Devon. Cities such as Birmingham and Leeds, which contain the highest number of mature singles in the United Kingdom, are similarly considered ‘hot spots’ for senior dating and over 50s dating.

These statistics cannot be considered anything but interesting for an agency like Avenues Dating, which offers senior dating and over 50s dating services across the United Kingdom. Mature single men and women in these regions who feel as though they will never find love again are therefore encouraged to contact us, as clearly their new romantic partner could be right around the corner!