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Karen Perkins

Karen Perkins

Dating Coach

Meet our Dating Coaches, we know that the world of dating can be daunting at first, particularly if you’re new to it after a long marriage or enduring long term relationship. Sometimes I have heard it described as a ‘dating jungle’ and to guide you through it and get you up to speed with any potential pitfalls it can be really useful to speak to an expert who can help you easily navigate a way through. So as part of your joining package with Avenues, we are delighted to say that a free consultation with one of the UK’s leading dating experts Karen Perkins is all included for our Gold Level members.

Karen will ring you or be happy to have a Skype conversation if you prefer and provide a whole hour’s worth of advice, hints and tips to prepare you for your dating experience and follow that up with written recommendations, according to your own specific circumstances – and all at our expense too.

Karen has a wealth of experience in the dating marketplace and has some vital pointers and tips that can help achieve success in that pursuit of a perfect partner. She has thoroughly tested out that world of internet based dating, how it works and understands why so many people are now seeking a different solution to finding their special someone, especially if you’re one of our ‘silver surfers’ aged over 50.  Karen is also an expert in this ‘later life’ market and offers support away from dating issues to those aged over 50, she is well worth listening to and once again we include an initial conversation with every Avenues Gold membership.

Here are some of Karen’s strong beliefs:

Fall in love with yourself and the rest will follow!

These days the world of dating can be a tough one to thrive in, especially if you’re new to it. The BBC and national press have recently highlighted many of the problems, so it is not surprising that many of the people that I meet have issues.

“I only meet players”
”Everyone I meet has excess baggage”
“I just want somebody normal, but like George Clooney or Harry X obviously!”
“Am I too old to start dating again?”
“What do I wear?”

My dating coaching helps you get yourself on the right track, to step back, take the time to reflect and think about what you want, need, and the kind of relationship you’d really like. There are lots of choices!

There really isn’t any need to dash straight back to a copy of Mr or Mrs EX, or settle for “they’ll do!”  We’ve been there and done that and if it didn’t work out it’s probably best to not go there again.

Working with me and by using Life Coaching tips and techniques you’ll uncover what or who you are really looking for then get a plan to achieve it.

I’ll provide lots of practical hints and tips too:

  • Safe dating…and how to weed out creeps first
  • Juggling your family or your ex and your new romance
  • Getting yourself ‘ready to date’
  • Flirt coaching or dummy dates!
  • Dating after divorce

Date coaching, like life coaching I believe gives you a real opportunity to explore first of all who and what you are looking for, to practice exactly what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there, plus help build your personal confidence to the right level to believe in yourself and to really begin to enjoy meeting people and dating again. Even if it’s all brand new!!

And my first consultation is completely free as part of the Diamond membership package with Avenues Dating, so get in touch and join today. As together we can achieve SO much. Karen’s advice and feedback is included in the Avenues membership package and make it outstanding value for money, so if you are looking for a company, where customer service and care still matters, where integrity, value and transparency of service are our watchwords, then contact Avenues Dating today by clicking here to join, ringing us on freephone 0800 644 4170 or emailing us at info@avenuesdating.co.uk 

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Ivana Franekova

Ivana Franekova

Dating Coach

After running her own business at London’s markets for 11 years, Ivana started her journey into Life Coaching. Having trained as a paediatric nurse originally, she wanted to go back to a helping therapy and Life Coaching seemed like the best option.
Early on in her coaching career, Ivana was approached by an international matchmaking agency with a view to create a video series where she would answer their clients’ dating questions in a video format. That enjoyable experience coupled with the fact Ivana was mainly approached for issues to do with dating and relationships, Ivana decided on Dating and Relationship Coaching.

In addition to having a Life Coaching Diploma and being accredited by ‘Association of Coaching’, she started studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2008 as she felt she would be better equipped to deal with deeply-seated issues her clients presented. Since completing her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma in 2011, Ivana has never looked back and now combines both coaching and CBT tools therapy methods in her practice, delivering much better overall results.

Today, Ivana’s main work concentrates on low self-confidence and anxiety issues around dating. It can be hard to trust someone again after a particular bad break up or feel comfortable around new people. Low self-confidence can be a true obstacle when starting dating again. Also, especially after long-term marriages and relationships, people ‘forget’ how to date and worry unnecessarily about making good first impressions. There’s a saying our mind can be our worst enemy, and that is very true when it comes to dating confidence, especially if self-respect and self-acceptance is missing. Restoring confidence levels takes time and dedication, but prepares our clients for the journey ahead with us.

Did you know, for example, that it’s the quiet, healthy self-confidence that speaks volumes?  When you’re on a date, make the other person feel special by asking open questions and putting him or her in a spotlight. Your date will love you for it. The loud type of confidence, the type where a person brags about achievements/ wealth/ life is actually masking his or her the insecurities and doubts.

With Ivana’s help, you will look for any defence mechanisms in place, your self-esteem levels and your past ‘baggage’. You will get to know yourself better and love yourself- because only when you love yourself, you can open up to your partner and let him love you. It starts with you.

In short, Ivana wants to make sure the clients that turn to us will have the best experience ever, with a healthy self-confidence in place.

Practical aspects of dating are also in important coaching process: we will look at your body language, your communication skills, the way you refer to your dates. Ivana’s wish is to see you happy and settled, preparing you in the best way possible for your journey with us. So go on, call her today and start a new chapter of your life with us knowing you’ll looked after by a winning team of matchmakers and coaches.

A consultation with Ivana is included free with all Diamond Membership packages, or as an optional extra on our Silver and Gold levels. She is also available for advice on which package would be right for you and can be contacted on 07970 181287. She is available from 9am until 9pm most days.