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Dating Safely: 8 Steps To Keep You Safe

Our Dating Tips To Stay Safe

Dating has been in the news a lot recently and online dating in particular has come in for some very bad publicity. Avenues is at the other end of the scale from meeting potential partners on an online dating site, where there are no background checks and almost anyone can join. Here we look at dating safely – 8 steps to keep you safe.

At Avenues we use a very comprehensive client questionnaire to get to know our clients as thoroughly as possible, we interview every client personally either in their own home or by phone and every member has to provide photographic ID evidence and prove their address too. Also working with our personal matchmaking team, affords you extra security as we know our client base very well and take feedback after every date.

It is still sensible however to take steps to ensure you are safe and our dating body the Dating Agency Association insists that we provide these and that they have been submitted for inspection. Here are the simple steps we recommend:

1. Don’t reveal too many personal details about yourself prior to a first date.
2. Don’t invite someone to your home unless you know them very well and are comfortable in their company.
3. Initially we recommend that you meet somewhere for a coffee at a mutually convenient and independent/neutral venue.
4. Don’t drink too much alcohol when meeting someone, so that you are fully aware.
5. Your dress is important and we always say – nothing too revealing if you are female, it can give the wrong impression initially.
6. Beware of fraud, it’s one of the crimes that is burgeoning in the UK. If you have contact from someone on an online site and they ask you for money after telling you a sob story, which often goes something like – “I really want to meet you but I don’t have enough money for the fare”; Or “I’ve been robbed/beaten/had my wallet stolen and I am temporarily penniless”; “I need urgent medical treatment or may get seriously ill or die” or “my parent/brother/sister/son/daughter is seriously ill and I can’t afford the treatment the Doctor recommends”, don’t be swayed and never ever provide your bank or credit card details or send cash. It WILL end in tears.
7. Be aware of serial daters, as online sites are increasingly populated by them. These men and often nowadays women too who use the internet only for casual relationships and/or just sex. They are not looking for a genuine relationships and indeed may be incapable of having or sustaining genuine relationships. They are often on multiple websites and if your date has been on a few beware – they could well be exactly what you aren’t looking for.
8. Trust your instincts – we all have a powerful inbuilt ‘radar’ to detect things that don’t seem right, learn to trust this instinct and if it feels in your heart that something isn’t quite right or that someone is not being truthful, then it’s probably spot on.

We will leave you with the strong recommendation that the best protection of all is joining a proper traditional agency like Avenues, where clients are thoroughly vetted and you’re supported throughout by one of our experienced Personal Matchmakers.

The Dating Agency Association view – Instructions to member organisations.

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