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Dating isn’t just a younger person’s game! If you’re mature and looking to broaden your horizons, or simply meet new people, there are tonnes of online and offline dating options to get you started these days.

But before you do get started, there’s a couple of tips you should be armed with to assure the best outcome possible.

Read on to find out our 5 best tips for dating when older:

  1. Friendship is good, too – maybe you’ll meet the next love of your life on your next date, or maybe you’ll meet a great friend. Either way, it’s a win! Don’t pressure yourself into finding ’the one’ or settling for someone you’re not totally into.
  2. Be upfront – what are you looking for? Once you know, don’t be afraid to ask for it. If you just want company, then say. If you just want someone to go out with every now and then, that’s fine too – just make sure the other person knows.
  3. Manage your expectations – you don’t need to fall head over heels in love in order to be happy. Don’t compare previous loves with future ones, because every relationship has their own definition of ’perfect’.
  4. Be open to change – you may be used to dating a particular type of person and, although it may feel comfortable to seek out similar people for relationships, don’t limit yourself. ‘Different’ isn’t the same as ‘bad’, so take a chance!
  5. Enjoy the process – dating when young is often chaotic and messy. Dating when older on the other hand, you have the benefit of experience, and can afford to sit back and enjoy the process.

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