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There’s enough pressure on a first date even without having to spend hours finding the perfect setting. A first date is a ‘getting to know you’ situation with plenty of unknowns, so it’s important to strike a good balance of casual and intimate; fun and predictable.

Begin your budding romance the right way with these 5 suggestions for cute first dates:

  1. An art gallery or museum – a gallery or museum can prove the perfect, pressure-free setting to get to know your date while admiring your surroundings. This option has it all – beauty, romance and good conversation starters.
  2. Live music – if you’re looking for a harmonious first date, going to a gig or open mic night can be a great idea. Great for loosening up, but not so great for long conversations unless you’re good at shouting.
  3. Pack a picnic – if the weather’s nice, why not have a picnic in your favourite park. Everyone feels calmer in nature, and you can impress your date with your cooking (or wrapper removing) skills, too.
  4. Go bowling – bowling dates aren’t just for teens. Appeal to your date’s competitive side with a fun meet up at your local bowling alley.
  5. Comedy night – a good sense of humour is one of the biggest traits people look for in a potential partner, so find the funny side with a night out at a comedy night. No matter what happens with your date, you’re guaranteed a good, humorous night.

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